Carlos Parra

Assistant Professor of Finance at ITAM

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Research Interests

Corporate Finance, Household Finance, Financial intermediation

Working Papers

How Far and Fast Do Funding Shocks Travel? Evidence from U.S. Lottery Winners
Media Coverage: Fox BusinessNational AffairsDawnGestion

Selected Presentations: FRA (2016), FIRS (2016), ISB Summer Research Conference (2016)

How Does Consumer Bankruptcy Protection Impact Household Outcomes?
Award 2015 PhD Outstanding Paper Award, Olin - Washington University in St. Louis

Selected Presentations: ASSA-AREUEA (2017), WFA (2018 scheduled)

Peer Effects Across Firms: Evidence from Security Analysts (with Jacelly Cespedes)

​Selected Presentations: SOLE (2017)

Selected Work in Progress 

Debt Overhang and Career Choices

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